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Department of Psychiatry

In these difficult days that people are going through, mental illness has become the most widespread, and it has become a feature of the age as a result of increasing problems and conflicts of life and crises experienced by people around the world, which affect the calm and peace of mind, and thus increased the causes of mental illnesses and then the rates of these illnesses, the burden of suffering, and psychological disorders have increased; and therefore the request for psychological assistance and timely psychological treatment is necessary.

The Department of Psychiatry at Al-Hammadi Hospital is pleased to provide psychological counseling and treatment of all behavioral and psychological disorders, and the solution of any psychological problem may face us at any stage and under any circumstances that we can face us in our lives; where we provide psychological and social support through a consultant specializing in psychiatry and with a high degree of efficiency in addition of having a long experience in this field.

The Department of Psychiatry, God willing, treat all cases of anxiety, fear, depression, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, sleep disturbances, eating disorders such as [increasing or lacking of appetite], treatment of physical symptoms without an organic cause such as neuropathy, total or partial migraine seizures, or alopecia often caused of anxiety and psychological depression.

The Department of Psychiatry treats children with psychological problems such as autism, learning difficulties, hyperactivity, stuttering, and urination. Or if you got a member of your family having a psychotic disorder such as schizophrenia or bipolar mood swings. And you may have a parent suffering from Aging Dementia, or Alzheimer.

The reasons for the causes and symptoms of all these mental disorders have become well known, as well the knowledge of what is happening in the brain from the chemical changes in the neurotransmitters in each psychiatric disease. With the development of multiple and advanced psychotropic drugs with an excellent positive effect to avoid side effects to a maximum degree, all this led to a positive breakthrough in the treatment of mental diseases during this period. Psychological diseases have turned to be such as the rest of the organic diseases that have treatments. And thus the person lives away from the suffering and mental conflicts; As a result of that the treatment of mental diseases protect us from having serious health problems that could be worse if they haven’t treated... No need to hesitate, the door is open to get back to a life full of happiness and hope, God willing.