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Department Thoracic

The lungs are the orchard where we breathe the fragrance of life and without them there is no life .. Therefore, the lungs and the respiratory system are considered to be the main and important organs in the body and the respiratory system is one of the main requirements for the continuation of life.

Doctors in this section specialize in the following:

1 - Diagnosis and treatment of frequent causes of breathlessness such as chest sensitivity (chronic asthma) and chronic pulmonary embolism, which usually affect smokers.
2 - Diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and tuberculosis outside the lung.
3 - Diagnosis and treatment of lung fibrosis.
4 - Diagnosis and treatment of acute hemorrhage (bronchitis)
5 - Diagnosis and treatment of acute pneumonia, whether viral or bacterial.
6 - Diagnosis and treatment of chronic dystrophy.
7 - Early detection and diagnosis of lung tumors using a popular fibrous endoscopy, whether healthy or cancer, especially in smokers.
8 - Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the membrane crystalline, such as crystalline sprays and crystalline resins.
9 - Perform lung function tests.

The hospital's consultants also have long experience in using the optical fiber laparoscope to diagnose many other diseases. The department also applies a multi-faceted approach to care. This ensures that the patients receive the best treatment and medical consultations according to their condition.