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Department of Nephrology and Kidney Unit

Kidney Disease Unit is a modern and sophisticated treatment unit. It has been prepared to diagnose and treat all cases of kidney disease and follow up cases of kidney transplantation for laboratory tests and immunosuppressant treatment. The department is supervised by a group of doctors with high academic qualifications, Renal, and the department is distinguished by its medical and nursing experience, as well as the latest section of dialysis equipment.

In this section:

* Tests required to evaluate kidney function and problems.
* Clinical and laboratory follow-up of patients belonging to families who are ready for kidney disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc., accompanied by kidney failure.
* All types of compensatory treatment for kidneys from blood and peritoneal dialysis, with the introduction of diet systems and complementary medicines, as well as conducting the necessary tests for kidney transplantation and follow-up of patients who have been cultured inside or outside the country.
* Medical support for all departments of the hospital, especially patients with multiple organ failure, intensive care