Opening Hours

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  • Saturday-Thursday 8.30 - 22.00
  • Ambulance and Emergency 7 / 24

Department of Ophthalmology

Because of the importance of human sight, where the beauty and greatness of the Creator is discovered, and from the source of this importance, the hospital is keen to provide the best diagnostic and therapeutic services and the most advanced, and as many eye diseases are in fact the result of other conditions in the body of the patient so the department is interested in identifying the main cause By other specialties in the hospital.

In order to obtain an excellent vision without relying on the glasses, we have been equipped with the LASIK and LASIK vision correction device. This device is one of the most safe devices among the other devices. We also have an eyeprint system that identifies and accurately places Which must be addressed and the amount of treatment required.

The Department includes highly qualified consultants who treat and perform all the following operations:

* Treatment of myopia, astigmatism (corneal aberration), and after-sight, remove the cloudiness (cloud) cornea.
* eye print .
* White water removal operations.
* Process (FACO) to remove white water without the need to work stitches.
* Corneal transplants.
* Follow-up, treatment and surgery of cases of high-pressure eye (glaucoma).
* Follow-up and treatment and surgery of cases of strabismus, laziness of the eye, and cases of blockage of lacrimal ducts and lacrimal sac.
* Alvephoric removal operations.
* Treatment of diabetic nephropathy and injection of glass liquid.
* Colored retina scan.
* Examine the field of vision computer.