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Plastic Surgery Department

The concept of beauty varies from one person to another, and it varies from one environment to another. Therefore, the development of medicine and the culture of patients has been one of the factors that have encouraged people to undergo plastic surgery in recent years by following up on the latest scientific discoveries in this field.

Plastic surgery at Al-Hammadi Hospital is not only limited to corrective surgery resulting from accidents or malformations, but we have an integrated department of plastic surgery to delay the age of old age and coordination of the body under the supervision of a selection of qualified consultants with long experience.

The following medical work is carried out in the Department:

1- Laser surgery using laser.
2- the processes of coordination of the strength and tighten the dilutions of the abdomen and arms and liposuction from all parts of the body.
3- Rhinoplasty, eyelids and lips.
4- Enlargement and reduction of the breast.
5- Cases of burns and deformities
6- cases of congenital malformations such as the rabbit's throat and the roof of the throat.
7- skin plastic surgery (such as skin sturgeon for the treatment of fossils, scars and various costs).
8- Correcting distortions caused by accidents and previous surgical operations.
9- Oral and maxillofacial surgery.
10- Surgery of birth defects of the parties.