Opening Hours

  • Outpatient Clinics   
  • Saturday-Thursday 8.30 - 22.00
  • Ambulance and Emergency 7 / 24

Emergency and Ambulance Department

The emergency department is an important vital part of the hospital, providing emergency services 24 hours / 7 days, equipped with the latest advanced medical devices from recovery devices and respirators.

The emergency department has a medical team specialized in the treatment of serious emergency cases and a high degree of medical efficiency and all surgical specialties, heart, abdominal and occupational and women, and all emergency doctors trained to deal with emergencies and have a master's degree in their specialization while receiving the courses of cardiac recovery for adults and children And special sessions for surgeons to deal with serious accidents. The emergency department has a medical team of consultants from different specialties who are called to follow up on any emergency medical condition. Emergency operating rooms are available 24 hours a day with Cardiac catheterization a catheter ambulatory serious cases of heart attack.

In the emergency department, a patient screening system is used to determine the degree of risk of emergency cases. Priority is given to the most serious cases and to the less serious or non-ambulatory cases. An emergency team is specially trained to deal with serious emergency cases and provides excellent service to patients.

Emergency Department is the real mirror of the hospital and reflects the quality of medical services provided in the entire health facility and this is what we are always keen in the emergencies of Hammadi, where we provide medical care excellence and high professionalism, hoping to reconcile the healing of all