Opening Hours

  • Outpatient Clinics   
  • Saturday-Thursday 8.30 - 22.00
  • Ambulance and Emergency 7 / 24

Department of Internal Medicine

The Department of Medicine is one of the most important and specialized centers for diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases in various branches and it includes specialized units diagnose the various diseases that require urgent care and also cases that need the utmost care and diagnosis of chronic diseases... Under the supervision of a group of consultants and female consultants holding Western and Arabic fellowships. The department treats many diseases, such as notably diabetes and its complications, high blood pressure, fat, thyroid, pituitary gland, adrenal, and other endocrine diseases. This departments provides adversity of specialized units Interested in measuring the function of breathing and a rheumatism unit.

Divided into specialized units:

1- Gastroenterology and liver disease unit.
2- Thoracic disease Unit.
3- Neurology Unit.
4- Endocrinology and Diabetes Unit.
5- Rheumatology and Immunology Unit.
6- Kidney and dialysis unit.
7 - Dermatology Unit.
8- Psychiatric Clinic.

Details of the following specialized units:

First: The intensive care unit, one of the finest care units in the region, competing globally, in terms of system, results and advanced modern technology. It is expanding continuously thanks to the reputation that was received.
Second: Specialized outpatient clinics, which include most of the specialties of internal medicine.
Third: internal departments to follow-up cases, where most cases are being diagnosed and treated.
Fourth: Emergency of Internal Medicine, and it operates 24 hours with excellent efficiency.
Fifth: Cardiology Unit, in which all heart and vascular conditions are diagnosed and treated.
Sixth: The digestive and liver diseases unit. It is equipped with the latest upper and lower endoscopy devices, biliary canal endoscopy and pancreatic canal, and the removal of bile duct stones without surgery.
Seventh: The Unit of Thoracic Diseases and Asthma in where breathing difficulties, bronchial asthma, bronchospasm extend, bronchospasm tightness, respiratory insufficiency and others are being diagnosed and treated.
Eighth: Rheumatology Unit, which diagnoses and treats various rheumatic diseases, especially joint diseases such as rheumatoid, lupus erythematosus, coarseness of the cartilage and its erosion, also rheumatism of muscles and surrounding ligaments.
Ninth: endocrine and Diabetes unit. It investigates cases of rise and fall of diabetes, along with its complications, pituitary, thyroid diseases, adrenal glands, erectile dysfunction, as well as obesity, weight loss, delayed growth and early puberty.

In the Department of Internal Medicine, all the cases of disease and health that a person can be exposed to internally is being treated, and the great pride of this section is the therapeutic successes that brought it too high credibility in the Kingdom and this is a confidence that we cherish.