Al Hammadi hospitals are always in constant contact with patients and answer all inquiries related to any of our departments or services. Here are some of the frequently asked questions from Al Hammadi Hospital patients. For a more specific answer, please email us on the Ask Your Doctor page .

What are the accredited insurance companies in Al Hammadi hospitals?

Al Hammadi hospitals have signed agreements with major Saudi companies such as Saudi Aramco and SABIC. Al Hammadi hospitals also provide services to all members of the insurance companies approved by the Cooperative Health Insurance Council, including insurance companies with a wide network covering a large number of insureds such as Cooperative Insurance, Bupa, Medgulf and Medi Visa, Which covers major companies under the insurance sector including the Saudi Electricity Company and the telecom companies in the Kingdom. A valid insurance card must be presented to benefit from direct billing facilities. Only certain types of insurance cards are accepted in some Hammadi hospitals. Please check with your insurance provider for more details. You can also read your insurance policy for coverage, limits, and exceptions.

How do I book an appointment?

The patient can book an appointment by contacting one of the branches of Al Hammadi Hospitas or by booking an appointment online via website or sending an e-mail to eservices@alhammadi.med.sa

How do I cancel or modify already booked appointment ?

The patient can modify or cancel the appointment by contacting one of the branches of Al Hammadi Hospital or by requesting an appointment from the website or sending an e-mail to eservices@alhammadi.med.sa

How do I open a file?

The patient can open a file in Hammadi hospitals through the following methods: The file should be opened through the emergency department. When the patient visits the emergency department, the necessary treatment is provided. If you need to see a specialist, the file will be opened. The patient must have a referral from a hospital affiliated with Hammadi Hospital. To open a file for the patient through outpatient clinics.

How do I get a medical report?

The patient can get his medical report easily by hand receipt by reviewing one of our hospitals and soon with God willing, by entering the service (request a medical report) on the website of Hammadi hospitals online.

How can I view the patient's room after birth pictures?

For photos of the patient's room after birth you can see the following link to determine the type of room or suite: https://goo.gl/QUq6dj

What is the cost of delivery?

Cost of delivery depends entirely upon type of delivery : vaginal or Cesarean; and also upon the gynecologist's report whether there are complications; and the length of the hospital stay

Is there a special department for women and childbirth in Al Hammadi hospitals?

Yes, all hospitals in Hammadi have a special section for women and childbirth and equipped with the latest medical equipment and rooms and suites of various kinds.

How do I contact my patients' services?

To call patient’s services in Al Hammadi hospitals dial the following number:
Al Olaiya : 0114622000 , conversion 3010
Al Suwaidi : 0114250000 , conversion 2030

What are the outpatient working hours?

Opening hours: Saturday to Thursday from 08:30 am to 22:30 pm.

What specialties are available in Al Hammadi Hospital?

Al Hammadi hospitals have all the medical specialties departments and they are supervised by a selection of consultants doctors.

How can I apply for a job at Al Hammadi Hospital?

You can apply send your application directly to the Personnel department in Al Hammadi hospital Al Nuzha to have an interview for the job you’re applying for, or fill out a Job Application online at the following link : http://careers.alhammadi.med.sa/Default.aspx?lang=en

I want information about female Gynecologist and Delivery ?

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Al Hammadi Hospitals is supervised by a group of female Gynecologist consultants and senior specialists, and all of them have an excellent level of experience.
To inquire, please call the Appointments Department: Al Hammadi Hospital Al Olaiya : 0114622000
Al Hammadi Al Suwaidi Hospital : 0114250000