Al Hammadi Hospital AL SUWAIDI

Launched in 2015, Al Suwaidi Hospital is located in a strategic southwest neighborhood of KSA’s capital. Today, the facility houses 300 inpatient rooms, 80 outpatient clinics, and 13 operating rooms. The facility also has a cardiac catheterization room, two upper and lower endoscopy rooms, a kidney stone treatment room, and a lithotripsy room. The facility is equipped with the highest quality machinery and medical technology in the market, and services are provided by highly trained and experienced medical professionals. As of year-end 2022, 160 rooms were operational at the facility, with the remaining unutilized rooms offering easy-to-ramp-up capacity to match growing demand. The facility caters to both a significant pool of patients associated with the MOH and private insurance patients primarily from the medium and medium-upper class segment.