Fasting and Pregnant

General  health  condition status of the pregnant woman plays a very important role in determining whether  she can fast or not , so she should consult a Gynecologist  to determine her ability to fast.

* If your General  health  condition is good ,  then there is no objection to fasting, taking into account , There are certain essential tips to follow while fasting for pregnant women :

1. Follow a balanced healthy diet.                        

2 - drinking liquids (2-3) liters. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water at Suhur and Iftar

3 - Eat several small meals from Iftar until the period of Suhur.

*  The following Symptoms when they occur , you should stop fasting and consult your Gynecologist : -

1- Feeling dizzy, weak, or tired.

2 - when nausea or vomiting.

3 - when gaining or losing weight.

4-Headache, pain or fever.

5 - feeling pain or contractions in the uterus.

* Pregnant should not fast in the following cases:

1. Unbalanced diabetes (whether before pregnancy or the onset of diabetes with pregnancy).

2 - high blood pressure, especially with cases of taking blood Pressure medications .

3. Chronic heart disease and kidney disease.

4- Early labor pains.

5 - severe vomiting, especially in the first months.

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