Chairman Message

Al Hammadi hospitals believe in the importance of their mission in the community. This reflects their continuous efforts to continue excellence in the health sector, while providing the quality of the health service in our beloved Kingdom and translating it into a work plan that meets and takes into consideration the increasing need of the community for service of high quality and quality in the health field.

Al Hammadi Hospital consists of Al Hammadi Hospital in Al Olaiya, which was opened in 1985 and has a capacity of 300 beds, Al Hamadi Hospital Al Suwaidi with a capacity of 428 beds and Al Hamadi Hospital in Al Nuzha with a capacity of 600 beds.

We are keen to reach the highest level of medical development with applying all international standards , by attracting qualified and distinguished medical expertise and expertise in the fields of precise disciplines, which contributes to make our hospitals centers of accuracy in diagnosis and effectiveness in treatment. Al Hammadi hospitals have obtained the quality certificates for Saudi, American, Australian and Canadian standards in health facilities as the first private hospital in Riyadh region due to hard work organized.

Through its current and future plans, it is working to create a strategic partnership with international medical expertise and centers in the field of fine medical specialties, to ensure the provision of the latest equipment and medical technology worldwide, and to adopt continuous education and training programs for all its employees. Our commitment to work hard and excellence is planned, Our vision and belief that we will become one of the pioneers of quality healthcare providers in Saudi Arabia.