Continuing Medical Education

The Department of Education and Training was established in 1985 to meet the needs of education and training for all employees in the hospital, whether medical staff, doctors or non-medical staff nurses, assistants or technicians. This section participates in continuing medical education by providing services, lectures, seminars, All employees can access and access these educational and development programs through their departments. These extended in-service programs can also enhance the capabilities of staff that improve quality, build leadership, support personal development and build technology. New.
In recognition of the hospital's standards in developing qualified human resources required to upgrade staff performance, the department conducts an annual analysis of training needs prior to the design and design of the annual education program.
This department has close relations with the Royal College of Physicians in Edinburgh - UK, the Saudi Heart Association and several bodies and government bodies such as the Ministry of Health and the Saudi Arabian Authority. And the most important of our programs, educational projects and postgraduate courses such as: MRCPCH, MRCOG and others. The department also offers basic BLS and first aid courses for all medical staff.