Insurance / Approvals

The high cost of medical care has become a reality, and the provision of medical services is an increasing burden, which is an opportunity for the private medical sector to be part of the health care system for insured by health insurance companies at prices and deals for everyone.
In this regard, the establishment of the Business Center Section, which deals with all cases of medical insurance in Hammadi hospitals in terms of sending requests for insurance approvals and follow-up and dealing with rejected cases to be the appropriate link between the guarantors and customers and between hospitals Hammadi, and if you wish to get more information Or inquire about the eligibility of our treatment on your insurance card or inquire about your approval requests, please contact the following numbers approval office during working hours: (Dear reviewers who are subject to an insurance company please bring the insurance card in effect in addition to the identity card and ask them to comply with the terms and conditions of the policy of the insurance company contracted with them.)

Al hammaid Hospital Alolaia 
 0114622000 | Transfer:  

Al hammaid Hospital Al Swadi 
 0114250000 | Transfer:  

Al hammaid Hospital Al nozha 
 0114622000 | Transfer :  

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