Strategy and future objectives

Hammadi hospitals approved in 2015 to review and update the strategic plan for the coming years. The Executive Directorate has undertaken an evaluation and review of the strategic objectives according to the actual achievements and indicators during previous years and examining the latest developments in the health sector market. The strategic plan included a number of future and interim recommendations that can be summarized as follows:

1. To maintain the reputation of Al Hammadi hospitals in the medical care sector. Al Hamadi has long experience in medical care for more than 30 years and benefits from its reputation in the medical care sector in the Kingdom through the quality of its medical care services, Al Hammadi hospitals offer their services at competitive prices compared with their competitors in the same sector.

2. Al Hammadi hospitals are keen to provide their medical services to the middle and high income population of Riyadh.

3. Al Hammadi hospitals are actively seeking to recruit and retain doctors and qualified nursing staff.

4. Adherence to ethical and professional standards in all fields of work at Hammadi hospitals.

5. Al-Hammadi hospitals strive to keep abreast of the latest technologies in the field of medicine and medical care, which are elements of its success and enjoy the reputation and good reputation in this sector and maintenance.

6. In line with the growth in the healthcare market, Hammadi hospitals aim to capitalize on the growth of the medical care sector in the Kingdom in general and in Riyadh in particular and seek to capitalize on its leadership position, and expand its reputation in medical services.

7. Al Hammadi hospitals are always seeking to provide high quality medical care services as evidenced by their numerous certificates and accreditations, which are renewed periodically. Al Hammadi Hospital is a member of several international organizations including the British Safety Council, the American Hospital Federation and the International Hospital Federation (IHF).

8. Providing qualified medical staff . Al Hammadi hospitals believe that the main reason for its success in providing high quality medical services is its doctors' skills. The essence of successful vision is to attract surgeons and doctors with expertise in their fields.

9. Relationship with medical insurance companies. Al Hammadi hospitals have good relations with the insurance companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which enables them to meet the medical needs of a large segment of the population of Riyadh. Insurance contracts are renewed on an annual basis and prices are negotiated upon renewal with each company.